Curves in All the Right Places

If you’ve spent two seconds on this blog, you’ll have noticed that I’m fat. If you read my ‘f-word’ post, then you’ll know that I’m comfortable about my fatness. You’ll have realised that I use the fat label happily. Maybe you’ll see a photo of me, and you’ll think “sweet jesus, what a babe”.

Then you’ll want to tell me about my babeliness. You’ll want to compliment my fat figure, and share with me the joy you experienced taking in my image.

So you say “You have amazing breasts” or “I love your legs” or “Your butt is out of this world”.

I’ll titter and flutter my eyelashes at you and say thank you, but later on, I might feel a bit shit.


Because you only complimented my socially acceptable fat parts. And you, just happen to be the hundredth other person to only compliment my socially acceptable fat parts. When you do do this, you erase my other jiggly bits.

Sure, my big boobs are lovely, my thick hips are gorgeous, my butt is round and grab-able – but being fat and loving your fat isn’t about only accentuating, praising and getting down with the parts of us society says are ‘allowed’ to be fat (you know, if you HAVE to be fat).

It’s not just when people compliment me – it’s on TV, on blogs, in magazines. It’s the picture of the thick, gorgeous woman, with a motivational, fat loving message underneath about ‘curves in all the right places’  and ‘women loving their bodies’. You know the woman. She’s got no rolls, no sags, no double chin, batwings, cankles. She is our socially acceptable fat role model. If you want to be fat, and dare to feel good about your fat – you better get your heels on, get your control top undies, thigh shapers, push-up bra and dress to flatter your ‘features’ (read: tits and butt).

And you know what? You are totally babin’ when you do that, but you are also totally babin’ when you have your leggings on to accentuate your muffin top, and your tight singlet on that hugs your back rolls. You’re a babe when you roll your sleeves up over your chubby arms and you pull up your thigh high socks so they squish your leg fat around.

You DO have curves in all the right places. Curves around your tummy and your neck and all of your fabulous fat body parts.


And to end – here is a photo of my favourite roll. The underboob to backfat roll.

My underboob roll

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3 thoughts on “Curves in All the Right Places

  1. Hey, you! Your back rolls are sexy as hell.

  2. I love my belly so much – but my back rolls are my favourite bit. I love this (professional) photo of myself, specifically because of the back rolls.

    I get so damned mad at those ads for control clothing – stockings, tops, whatever. Why should society dictate that my back and belly and thighs and hips should conform to a certain shape beneath my clothes? Screw that – they’re lucky to get me in a bra half the time. And I look FANTASTIC!

    And so do you. Fat, and fantastic, all over.

    xx Dee

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